Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's a Framer

A co-worker of mine just renewed her vows for her 10 year wedding anniversary!  SO SWEET! We were talking about what to do with her pictures and I suggested a wall collage of some sort.  I love the look of all different sized/types of frames and memories and making it looked pieced together over time.  However, that can get pricey if you go and buy one frame at a time.  So - you cheat.  Through ETSY.  I LOVE ETSY. 

Shabby Chic Frame Collection - Etsy shop EightSix56 $130

I'd probably mix the shabby chic with some rustic wood or even gold frames to really make it look built over time...

Vintage Wood Frames set of 7 - Etsy shop tawneyvintage $45

10 Hollywood Regency Gold Brass Frames - Etsy shop CalmCoolCollectedVin $68

Or - hit up Goodwill and just grab a bunch of frames - don't overthink it!  Throw in a mirror or small piece of art here and there - and Voila!
Love, MB

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Casual Thursday

Luckily, my employer is awesome and every day is casual Friday.  We are allowed to wear jeans EVERY DAY which is absolutely incredible.  I try and sport my old work clothes so I get some wear out of them but I hardly ever do.  I never want to get fancy - at least not in boring work clothes. 
This morning, after a fun night in Decatur watching my bro-in-law at Eddie's Attic, I felt like going super casual.  This is an OLD gap skirt, chambray top from Kohl's and my BEST purchase this year - Ralph Lauren NUDE wedges.  I now wear these daily - they can be dressed up or down and come in a wide range of colors.  LOVE.  They are very comfy and make my legs feel long. 
This is normally more than I spend on shoes - but I did say in my first blog I would splurge when necessary.  NECESSARY.

Ralph Lauren Indigo Wedge Sandal - $69
Here are a few pics from last night:

Happy Birthday John!  Great job!
Love, MB

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Check him out!

My brother-in-law, John Thrasher, left his career in accounting several years ago to pursue a music career.  I am so impressed by, and often envious of, those that follow their dreams and passions no matter what.  John is doing great and is headlining at Eddie's Attic tomorrow night, 6/5!  He released his first record about a year ago and more to come!  We are really proud of him.  Michael and I have a sitter tomorrow night so we get to go to dinner in Decatur with another couple and listen to some good tunes.  Care to join us??

Love, MB

Sam & Libby...

For Target!  What a GREAT pairing!  I have been on the lookout for some gladiator sandals (but not too clunky) and LOVED these!  They are comfy too.

Sam & Libby Kayla Gladiator Sandal - $27.99

I loved these below as well!  However, shoes that go up the ankle are a little tougher to wear - be careful there.  They can cut you off and make your legs look shorter.  The nude color helps though!

Sam & Libby Keira Tall Gladiator - $27.99
Love, MB

Monday, June 3, 2013

Deal of the Day

Instead of worrying about a creative/interesting post - I am just going to post a recent find or purchase!  

More shorts - they LOOK J-Crew but are $15!  Check out all the patterns!  

Old Navy - Women's Everyday Printed Khaki Shorts $15

I bought the navy but love the coral with anchors also!  ENJOY!

Love, MB

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm a little late posting this, but wanted to give a shout out to the Hubs.  He's awesome.  Our 4 year anniversary was May 2 and he did AWESOME.  Me, not so much.  We always do the traditional gift which is kind of fun when we actually do it:

Year 1) Paper - We each made scrapbooks for eachother - kind of cute.  I add a new collage of pictures each year on our anniversary.
Year 2) Cotton - M bought me a couple sundresses - I have no idea what I got him.  Maybe a shirt?
Year 3) Leather - I bought M a nice, real leather basketball; He told me to buy new leather shoes (not his best ever)

Year 4)  Fruit and Flowers.  I sent Sheri's Berries to his office that were covered in white/milk chocolate decorated as bride and grooms.  Michael brought flowers to my office - I thought that was it.  Nope.  He picked out 6 bottles of wine (fruit) from the year we were married!  He also read that the modern gift is appliances and he got me a KEURIG!  I am the sole coffee drinker in the house so that is wonderful.  Lastly, he always writes the sweetest, most thoughtful cards.  What a keeper.  Single girls - there ARE good guys - wait for one.  I am sad we don't have a picture :-(.

Us at the Terry College Gala (this is what I wore in lieu of a LBD!)

Mother's Day was a week later and he and MC made me feel so special.  I got a massage gift certificate and pearl studs.  They sent me to the pool to relax and lay out with my friend, Shannon, and then Michael and MC came up to join me after her nap.  I LOVE them.  I LOVE being a mom - I heard about this unconditional, all-consuming love but never got it until my angel girl was born.  They are my world.

The day before Mother's Day we celebrated my mama - and the week before, Michael's mama.  
They are both incredible and we thank God every day for them.

Love, MB
PS - I will do better for Father's Day

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Fun and cheap = Francesca's.  AND, I had no idea you could order online...UH-OH.  I went to the vinings location last week and picked up some key pieces for summer that I know I will wear often.  I do think that going to the actual location for a store like this is better than buying online so you can try pieces on - less-expensive clothes sometimes fit a little funky and the sizing is less consistent.  But you can't mess up jewelry and accessories - they have a TON!

La Royale Maxi - $48.00
This skirt will go with everything and it can be casual with flat sandals or dressed up a little with some NUDE wedges (don't forget - I LOVE NUDE SHOES).

Oak Hill Chambray Skirt - $34.00
I bought 3 pair of earrings - buy two get one free!  Take a look at the options - there are tons.  This is one of the pairs I snagged:
Mineral Tear Drop - $12 (really $8)
As always - check out the sale link first.
Love, MB